SEO Checklist: 10 steps to launch your new website successfully in Google and Bing


Basic SEO checklist for a new website:

  1.     Research keywords: Do keyword research to find the words and phrases people use to search for information related to your website.
  2.     Register a domain name: Choose a domain name that is easy to remember, easy to spell and reflects the theme of your website.
  3.     Set up web hosting: Select a reliable web hosting provider and make sure your website is hosted on a fast and secure server.
  4.     Design the site structure: Create a clear and logical structure for your website, with intuitive and easy-to-follow navigation for users.
  5.     Create quality content: Produce useful and relevant content for your users that is optimised for the keywords you have selected.
  6.     Optimise on-page SEO: Make sure each page of your website has a unique title, meta description and header tag that includes your keywords.
  7.     Add Google Analytics: Register your website with Google Analytics to measure traffic and user behaviour.
  8.     Create a sitemap.xml file: Create a sitemap.xml file to help search engines index your website.
  9.     Verify your website in Google Search Console: Verify your website in Google Search Console to ensure that Google can access your website and notify you of any problems.
  10.     Register your website with Google and Bing: Register your website with Google and Bing so that search engines can start indexing your website.

By following these basic steps, you can ensure that your website has a solid foundation for good performance in search results.